High Performance Wellbeing Consultant

Katrina is an inspiring and determined high performance wellbeing consultant who creates and implements holistic corporate strategies to ensure sustainable high performance.    

Through her dynamic role as a private practice dietitian, she has developed thorough insight into the psychology of success and motivation. Katrina’s expertise lies in identifying specific needs and using successful tactical approaches to help all people and organisations succeed in achieving their best selves. She has a strong understanding of evidence based nutrition which she enjoys applying to wellbeing strategies to maximise high performance in the workplace. 

Katrina’s entrepreneurial flare was sparked throughout her journey working in a small business. She assisted in the growth of Body Fusion, a dietetic practice in Sydney that has grown from one to five sites. She has thrived working with the Commonwealth Bank on a Pilot Wellbeing program and offered expert consultation to their Food Service team. She has also presented at UBank, The NSW Department of Health and JDE on exciting wellbeing initiatives. 

Katrina has a background in elite dance, providing her a solid grounding into what it takes to consistently perform at a high level. Katrina balances herself now by surfing, ocean swimming and practising yoga. Activities she believes are key to her ongoing tenacity and high quality of work.