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A bit about me

In short..

I’m a yoga and ocean loving, nutrition and wellbeing consultant with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and all round spiritual warrior.

My story..

My exploration of spirituality began at a Yoga class. It was somewhere between down dog and half moon pose that I first became aware of how harshly I spoke to myself, hello inner critic. From there I started questioning my thoughts, wondering why on earth some people/situations got to me so much and began contemplating some of life’s bigger questions.

My background is in science, so my inquisitive brain sought to understand more, so for the past four years, I’ve dove head first into podcasts, books, yoga retreats, hypnosis etc, all in an effort to explore what some call the ‘airy fairy’ stuff.

Some call it intuition, others say its a realisation of subconscious brain patterns (see, told you I was a bit sciency), but over the course of one sunny week in March I felt it was time to share this journey.

I’m still learning and evolving, so this ‘about me’ section is probably going to change quite a bit! So stay tuned to see where it goes and what happens next. Let the adventure begin xx

Fast facts..

You’ll often find me eating: Mangoes, big bowls of salad and rice paper rolls with tahini or peanut butter dipping sauce

I’ll be sipping on: Almond chai tea

Favourite places to visit: Beachy places with some greenery like Bali, Hawaii or Thailand.

My deepest fears: Not being good enough! Oh, and snakes.

One thing I love that others hate: Public speaking, yes, I know.

My perfect day: A sunrise surf or yoga session, delicious organic brunch with deep conversation and lots of laughs, working on meaningful projects or clients to facilitate positive change in the world topped off with a heart pumping workout or walk and a picnic underneath the stars.


Come join the adventure: